Power BI consultancy

iqbs Solutions has many years of experience with Microsoft BI. We can provide advice in the area of Power BI and offer the service to implement a Power BI solution in your organization.

iqbs Power BI offers the following features:

  • Mobile BI: share reports with colleagues in the cloud using SharePoint Online and view and analyze reports wherever you are, even from multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • End user data discovery: delve into your data by combining them with big data from the cloud and by creating interactive reports and dashboards to make better decisions much faster
  • Secure cloud environment: your data remains secure by uploading small data sets to the secure SharePoint Online environment and keeping the rest of your data secure in-house
  • Automatic refresh of your cloud data: periodically update the data sets in the cloud on the basis of changes in your data sources

Example of an interactive Power BI dashboard

Power BI unlocks all

Power BI is known for its compatibility with virtually all types of data. For example, you can use Power BI for data found in:

  • Excel spreadsheets, XML-bestanden, CSV-bestanden
  • SQL Server Database, Windows Azure SQL Database, Access Database, Oracle Database, IBM DB2 Database, MySQL Database, PostgreSQL Database, Sybase Database, Teradata Database
  • SharePoint lists, OData Feeds, Windows Azure Marketplace, Hadoop (HDFS), Windows Azure HD Insight, Windows Azure Blob Storage, Windows Azure Table Storage, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe
  • New data sources will also be added by Microsoft in future Power BI updates.

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