iqbs BI Framework

iqbs BI Framework

What is it?

iqbs BI FrameworkThe iqbs BI Framework is a BI setup for the Microsoft BI platform, based on the Kimball methodology for structuring BI and data warehouses. It comes with a set of best practices on how to use the Microsoft BI platform to create a secure, reliable and performing BI system. The methodology and best practices are supported by a set of in-house developed tools which guarantee a well structured and consistent setup of your BI framework.

Our products, iqbs BI for SAP and iqbs BI for Infor are also built using this framework.

How do I apply it?

Also when you are not using SAP or Infor as ERP, you still can apply the iqbs BI Framework. After a training of several days, your BI team is capable of applying the framework and convert your BI system to a stable and solid platform.

iqbs Solutions support with the initial implementation of the Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint environment and guides you with using the our tools.

What are the costs?

You can use iqbs BI Framework for a fixed, yearly fee. This amounts varies depending on the size of your BI landscape. For this you get tools, documentation and support on the iqbs BI Framework.

Training and the initial implementation are offered as separate projects.