Download iqbs whitepapers
Download iqbs whitepapers

iqbs BI Framework

The iqbs BI Framework is a Kimball-based BI solution for the Microsoft BI platform. It consists of a number of iqbs-developed tools combined with the ‘best practices’ of Microsoft BI. As a result, we are able to create a secure, reliable and fast business intelligence environment.

How do I apply it?

Even if you don’t use SAP or Infor, you’ll be able to implement the iqbs BI Framework. Naturally, iqbs can fully provide in the implementation of this framework, but you can also get started with it yourself! After several days of training, your BI team will be able to implement the framework and transform your BI environment into a reliable, stable platform.

iqbs can provide support where necessary in implementing and designing Microsoft SQL Server and possibly SharePoint. We will also help you get started using our tools. In addition, for those areas where customization is used within your environment or where you use data sources for which we have not yet developed a standard solution, iqbs uses a code generator. This has a number of great advantages. For example, code is generated both quickly an uniformly. Due to the logical structure, the code is easy to understand for developers (both for iqbs consultants and developers outside of iqbs) and every iqbs consultant works in the same consistent way. Moreover, we are able to deliver results in just a couple of days.

What does it cost?

You can implement the iqbs Framework for a fixed amount per year. This amount depends on the size of your BI environment. You will be provided tools, documentation and support for the iqbs BI Framework. Training and initial implementation are offered separately.


Curious about the possibilities of the iqbs BI Framework for your organization? We are happy to tell you more.

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