BI Training Courses

As an implementation partner, we are happy to help customers use and manage their new environment in the right way. Because a business intelligence project will always take place with the right implementation, customers often choose to build up expertise themselves. With this expertise, customers have full control over their BI environment.

Tailored iqbs BI Training Courses

Whether you want to manage everything yourself or outsource your project, we have training courses for all your needs. Each training course is tailored to your own education needs. Organizing these training sessions therefore often involves a lot of customization.

Optimal alignment

Optimal training courses are tailored to your specific situation and needs. Naturally, our trainers are completely familiar with all facets of BI. With thorough knowledge of architecture, technology and user-friendliness, they are able to fully facilitate you in all your wishes.

Our training courses:

The iqbs BI training courses can be provided in-house or on location.

iqbs BI end-user basis

The entry level training course
or end users

iqbs BI end-user advanced

The training course aimed at end users
who want to get more out of the various reports

iqbs BI application management

Daily management
of the iqbs BI environment

iqbs BI development

Aimed at in-house development within the iqbs Framework

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