iqbs BI for SAP

Looking for a functional, cost-efficient way to get management reports from your SAP environment? iqbs BI is a user-friendly, fast-deployable and affordable business intelligence solution based on the Microsoft BI platform. Naturally, it includes a SAP-certified connection.

SAP and Microsoft BI are a very strong combination

Microsoft technology is at the basis of iqbs BI. There’s good reason why Microsoft is market leader in the area of BI. Not only do our customers have a lot of knowledge of Microsoft products, this also guarantees low entry costs, powerful data security and scalable solutions. Moreover, Excel, Reporting Services (part of SQL Server) or Power BI can be used as reporting tools.

Fully SAP certified

iqbs BI includes pre-defined data set with sample reports. This allows our consultants to create a working BI environment in just a couple of weeks. The iqbs BI platform works platform-independent, which means various data sources can be used simultaneously. The link to SAP is fully SAP certified (Theobald Xtract IS). This ‘SAP connector’ allows us to import all SAP data sources in our BI solution.

Seminar iqbs BI for SAP

Looking for a functional, cost-efficient way to get management reports from your SAP environment? In a single afternoon, we will teach you all there is to know about iqbs BI for SAP, a framework entirely based on the Microsoft BI suite.

Seminar iqbs BI for SAP

iqbs BI organiseert een enerverende middag om u kennis te laten maken met iqbs BI for SAP. iqbs BI is een framework volledig gebasseerd op de Microsoft BI suite. iqbs BI for SAP maakt gebruik van Theobald Xtract IS om de koppeling met de SAP database te maken. Dit product is volledig SAP gecertificeerd.

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Secure and Authorized

By using the predefined datasets / process analyzes developed by iqbs BI in combination with a powerful corporate or personal dashboard, you can immediately start improving your performances. With the help of Key Performance Indicators, iqbs unlocks data from SAP or even from additional source systems. Secure, authorized and with a single version of the truth.

Continuous innovation within Microsoft BI in combination with powerful data security makes this solution scalable for any organization. Reports can be displayed in all possible variants within the Microsoft BI platform (Excel, Reporting Services (part of SQL server) and Power BI) or even other visualization tools.

Full-fledged alternative and the perfect addition to SAP BW

Because iqbs BI for SAP uses the solid iqbs framework as a base (which is fully platform independent), it can be deployed in multiple ways. This depending on the specific needs within your organization, of course.

Many organizations already use SAP BW, but are hamstrung by the limited number of external sources that can be added within the existing BW environment. iqbs does not have these limitations. Whether the data source is SAP, an Excel file (e.g. for budgeting) or a CRM package; iqbs BI incorporates it into its data warehouse and integrates multiple sources. The result is a single version of the truth – even in the most complex of environments.

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