Download iqbs whitepapers
Download iqbs whitepapers

iqbs BI for Infor Baan / LN

An alternative to Infor BI/PM exists!
iqbs BI is a user-friendly, fast-deployable and affordable Business Intelligence solution based on the Microsoft BI platform.

What is iqbs for Infor LN | Baan?

The iqbs business intelligence solution for Infor Baan and LN is 100% developed on the basis of Microsoft technology. With predefined datasets/process analyzes combined with a powerful corporate and personal dashboard, you can immediately start working on your performance. iqbs unlocks data from 1 or more source systems on the basis of Key Performance Indicators. Secure, automated and with one version of the truth.

The iqbs BI platform works platform-independent, which means various data sources can be used simultaneously. iqbs BI does not burden our ERP system in daily use. The required ‘connector’ for reading data from Baan/Infor has already been developed by us and is even available for the most recent 10.x version of Infor LN.

Fast and efficient, with one source as the truth.

Microsoft technology is at the basis of iqbs BI. Microsoft BI with SQL as its engine is widely regarded as a market leader with low entry costs and of which both you and the IT sector already posses a lot of knowledge.

Continuous innovation within Microsoft BI combined with powerful data security makes the solution scalable for every organization. With Power BI, the reports can be displayed in all possible variants, such as Excel, Reporting Services (part of SQL Server) or even in the cloud and mobile.

Seminar iqbs for Infor

iqbs organizes an exciting afternoon to familiarize you with iqbs BI. We will start the day with an explanation and short demonstration of iqbs BI for Infor LN and Baan. We will show how easily Infor can unlock data within your organization for creating reports and dashboards. All directly available from your pocket.

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User-friendly analysis and management reports within Infor Baan4, ERP and ERP LN

Practice shows that many ERP systems offer little or no user-friendly functionality for analysis and management reporting of company performances. The same applies for standard reports created by Infor LN and Baan4. This is furthermore demonstrated by the increase in external reporting and data-mining applications such as Crystal Reports, Cognos and Business.

But is it really necessary to invest in new software to organize, manage and access data efficiently? To add another application to your already existing library?

Simple reporting from Infor ERP LN and Baan (IV and ERP) – it’s possible!

iqbs offers a perfect solution on the basis of your existing Microsoft software. You can directly start improving your performances using your browser as an interface.
The following standard process analyzes (data sets or cubes) are available for Infor LN, Infor Baan (4)IV /ERP(5) and Triton:

  • Inventory (Turnover Rate, ABC Analysis, Inventory Value, Historical Turnover, Order Parameters)
  • Purchase (Obsolescence Delivery Reliability, Prices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Quotations,Contracts, Vendor Rating etc.)
  • Production (Production orders and receipts, Material Delivery, Preliminary/Subsequent Calculation, Time Registration and PCS projects)
  • Sales: (Margins, Quotations, Orders, Deliveries, Contracts, Prices & Discounts)
  • Finance: (V&W, Ledger, Age Analysis, Debtors, Creditors, Turnover, Inventory Value, Liquidity)
  • Service: (Maintenance, Installation, Service Order Process, Service Contracts)
  • Projects (Project information from the real TP Projects Module. PCS projects are included in in Production)

Curious? Request a demo now!

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