Business Intelligence productsiqbs platform

iqbs Solutions develops, sells and implementsthe following SAP and Baan / Infor business intelligence products:

  • iqbs BI for SAP, the ready to run business intelligence solution for SAP
  • iqbs BI for Infor Baan and LN, the out of the box business intelligence solution for Infor Baan en LN
  • iqbs Power BI, the module that brings mobile BI and data discovery tools to your iqbs BI solution
  • iqbs BI Excel Add-in, a handy Excel Add-in to take your pivot tables to the next level

We also sell and implement Theobald Software products:

  • Extract/IS, SAP extracting to Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • Extract/RS, SAP extracting to Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Extract/PPV, SAP extracting to Microsoft Power Pivot

And we sell and implement Layer2 Solutions products:

  • Business Data List Connector for SharePoint, integration between databases and SharePoint lists
  • Cloud Connector for SharePoint Online / Office365, integratie between on-premise and cloud data sources and SharePoint Online / Office365 lists and libraries