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Online training courses

You use Power BI within your organization – or you will start with it. It’s important and fun to help everyone on their way through our Power BI training and support. But if you really master Microsoft Power BI, it is even more fun, but also more effective. The impact of your dashboards and reporting will be greater if you learn to make maximum use of all the possibilities that the Microsoft BI tool offers.

This is how we help

Every organization is unique, and so is our training and support. Our trainers and consultants all have a background in Business Intelligence: from architecture to implementation. We not only help you with training in Power BI, but also, for example, to get your reporting better adopted in your organization. That is why we provide training, adoption and inspiration sessions at every level.

Power BI training courses

Would you like advice from a real Power BI expert? Claim one of our Microsoft BI specialists for your project. Whether you want 1-on-1 advice or a workshop together with colleagues, or you want to be helped on your way, or want to expand your skills if you have been working with Power BI for a while: we have various options for you. Read on for a selection of our options.

Power BI Basics

Are you starting with Power BI? Then we start at the beginning. Do you already know Excel? That is great, because we continue to build on this knowledge.

  • Loading Data;
  • Using Parameters;
  • Merge Queries
  • DAX-formules;
  • Row context vs. Filter context;
  • Calculated columns vs. Measures
  • Combine values from tables;
  • Work with variables and SWITCH;
  • Time Intelligence
  • Using corporate identity themes;
  • Define reporting layouts;
  • Navigate with bookmarks

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Power BI Support

You already use Power BI, but do you have a specific question about your Power BI dashboard that you get stuck in yourself? We will take a look with you.

Want to know more or request direct support? Click for the contact form or call us!

Power BI Advanced

You already use Power BI, but want to get more out of it? Then sign up for our advanced training.

Working with date table and multiple date fields

Sharing and publishing a report
  • Synchronize slicers across multiple pages;
    Create drillthroughs to detail pages
  • Automatically refresh data;
  • Set up security;
  • Sharing at various levels: Report, App Workspace and Apps;
  • Row Based Security Using Roles and DAX;
  • Combine data sources

Request more information or training? Let us know!

In addition to our standard training courses, we also offer personalized training courses. This way we always have the right BI training for you! Please feel free to contact me for the possibilities on +31 6 22 847 009.