Seminar iqbs BI for SAP

More insight in less time

Your organization has large amounts of data, but integrating different data sources and data types is often a complex, expensive and time-consuming process. Get acquainted with our powerful business analytics for SAP; the number one way to not just report events and measure performances, but to really understand, control and improve them.

Quick, simple, and cost-effective

Deeply hidden data easily resurfaces and is made transparent. As a result, you can view connections that were not visible before. In a simple and clear way, iqbs for SAP ensures that you can quickly and fully create reports with a limited investment. You will gain complete control over your data warehouse environment and are free to choose how to apply it. iqbs has a ready-made framework for many SAP processes, allowing us to open up your organization with limited effort.

An excellent alternative to SAP BW

iqbs BI for SAP uses SQL Server as a foundation and takes advantage of Theobald Xtract IS (fully SAP certified) for creating a link with the SAP database. iqbs for SAP serves as both an alternative to SAP BW, while also being complementary. This may be useful if you want to continue using previously accrued logic in SAP BW.

Perfect access to multiple data sources

Almost every organization uses a large variety of data sources. Naturally, SAP serves as your base, but other systems often include Excel for budgets, CRM environments for customer information, MES systems, time registration systems etc. We partly do this by using iqbs builders. These are in-house developed code generators that allows us to quickly unlock a large number of data sources.

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  • Introduction
    How does iqbs for SAP work? We will explain all the details.
  • Demonstration
    Naturally, during this seminar we will demonstrate how iqbs for SAP works exactly. From the extraction from both SAP and any other data source to showing a visualization in Power BI or Excel.
  • Unlocking other data sources besides SAP
    iqbs BI allows one to unlock almost all data sources with a logical database structure. The seminar will focus on how we make this possible.

Location and directions

This seminar will be held at our office in Bunnik; Kosterijland 50, Bunnik.

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Wat? Seminar iqbs for SAP
Wanneer? 3 juli 2018
13:00 - 17.00 uur
Waar? Kosterijland 50, Bunnik
Kosten? GRATIS!
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