Seminar iqbs BI for Infor

The alternative to Infor PM | BI exists: iqbs – fully based on Microsoft BI – with complete Infor Baan IV, ERP EN LN integration is easy to use, inexpensive, quick to roll out and easily compatible with your existing Office environment.

Faster, inexpensive and easy to use

iqbs organizes an exciting afternoon to familiarize you with iqbs BI.

  • Arrival from 1.30pm
  • Introduction and demonstration iqbs BI for InforP; We will demonstrate how easy it is for Infor LN and Baan to report on data within your organization
  • Power BI: “All your control information in your pocket anytime and anyplace.” We will demonstrate how easy it is for users to create a report or dashboard by themselves. Even on mobile!
  • Conclusion Around 4.30pm

Demonstration iqbs BI for Infor LN | Baan

We will start the day with an explanation and short demonstration of iqbs BI for Infor LN and Baan. We will show how easily Infor can unlock data within your organization for creating reports and dashboards. All directly available from your pocket.
iqbs BI can be implemented as an alternative to Infor PM | BI, but may also serve as an expansion thereof. This without negating the investment in PM | BI. Naturally, besides the Infor databases, other databases can also be unlocked, allowing you to receive the management information you need.

Power BI “All your control information in your pocket anytime and anyplace.”

The second part of this seminar will specifically focus on Power BI. How does Power BI distinguish itself exactly? Power BI is mainly a more useful visualization tool, which enables you to easily access all your data on both PCs and mobile devices. In addition, Power BI has a number of standard
connectors for eternal sources. For example, you can directly add sources such as Google Analytics / SQL / Mailchimp / Dynamics CRM. This makes it possible to extend the Marketing Dashboard with all relevant sources.

Location and directions

This seminar will be held at our office in Bunnik; Kosterijland 50 in Bunnik.
You will receive a more extensive route description after registration.

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Wat? Seminar iqbs for Infor
Wanneer? 7 juni 2018 13:30 - 16.30 uur
Waar? Kosterijland 50, Bunnik
Kosten? GRATIS!
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