Download iqbs whitepapers
Download iqbs whitepapers


During an iqbs demo, we will demonstrate how easily and fast data from your source systems can be converted into useful reports and dashboards. Moreover, the operation of iqbs BI will be explained and there will be a focus on the underlying business intelligence architecture and the Microsoft BI platform.

Demo request

We provide demonstrations of the following iqbs Business Intelligence products:

  • iqbs BI for SAP
  • iqbs BI for Infor
  • Power BI
  • iqbs BI add-in for Excel
  • Theobald Software
  • Layer2 Software

We will show you how to implement these products in your organization and what is required for this. At the end of the iqbs demo, you will have a clear picture of what we can offer for your analysis and reporting needs. Naturally, all your questions with regards to iqbs BI, Microsoft BI and Theobald will be answered.

You can request a demo by filling out the form. A demo can be organized remotely (via Internet) or on location. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a demo.

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