Partners van iqbs

Microsoft - partners


Microsoft is one of worlds largest software developers for business software. Their products SQL Server, SharePoint en Office are part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform; which in turn is the base of our iqbs BI Framework.

 Theobald Software - partners


Theobald Software is a German developer for software components that connect to SAP databases. The Theobald Software products are being sold worldwide to over 1,300 customers.

iqbs Solutions is an implementation partner and reseller of Theobald Software components.

Korade - partners


Korade Management & Consultancy offers consulting services and add-ons for Infor Baan and ERP LN customers.
iqbs Solutions uses this expertise to develop iqbs BI for Infor continuously. On top of that, Korade is one of iqbs’ resellers.

 c)solutions - partners


c)solutions is a fullservice internet partner whose main activities are developing and implementing Microsoft SharePoint solutions. c)solutions’ knowledge is used for the development of the iqbs BI portal which is based on MS SharePoint.