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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis 2014

This week, the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis for 2014 was published. Most compelling detail: Infor BI versus Microsoft BI (i.e. iqbs BI): they couldn’t be further apart! See for yourself:

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis 2014

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis 2014

How to Make Dashboards in Excel

The Project Botticelli website came up with another very nice post on how to make dashboards in Excel. You can find it here.

The instruction video is made by Carmel Gunn. She is a Data Management Specialist in Dublin, specialising in enterprise business intelligence. Let her show you Excel as an enterprise-grade BI client. She gives perfect examples which are very useful for iqbs BI as well.

Test Excel cube based pivot table report for a specific user

When developing pivot table reports, you are most likely working with the iqbs administrator account or equivalent. Whenever it comes to testing for a specific user, you would need that user to log in and test it for you.

There’s an easy way to impersonate for that user: Just add the following extension to the pivot tables’ connection string:


A full connection string would look like:

Provider=MSOLAP.4;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=True;Initial Catalog=iqbs Finance;Data Source=IQBS_SERVER;MDX Compatibility=1;Safety Options=2;MDX Missing Member Mode=Error;LocaleIdentifier=1033;EffectiveUserName=DOMAIN\AccountName

The connection string can be found in Excel (2007 and up) under Data, Connections, choose the proper connection, click connection properties:

Excel Connection String


Note: To use this property, the caller (you) must have administrative permissions in Analysis Services.

You can find more on SSAS / cube connection strings in this post on Microsoft MSDN.

You can find the format of any connection string at


Customer: Hyva Group

Hyva kiest internationaal voor Analyse en Managementrapportage met iqbs 2009

De Hyva Group heeft gekozen om de Business Intelligence applicatie van Korade voor gebruikers van Infor / Baan, iqbs 2009, wereldwijd in te gaan zetten. De implementatie, die reeds is gestart, zorgt er voor dat Hyva internationaal deze betaalbare oplossing kan gaan gebruiken op meerdere bron systemen zoals Infor Baan ERP en Infor ERP LN. iqbs 2009 is gebaseerd op Microsoft standaarden zoals MS SQL, Office en SharePoint. Voor Hyva is met name de snelle start met de vele standaard meegeleverde rapportages en de multitaligheid -waaronder het chinees-  van groot belang geweest voor de keuze op iqbs2009 als Business Intelligence applicatie.

De Hyva Group is wereldwijd de leidende leverancier van vernieuwende en uiterst efficiënte transportoplossingen voor bedrijfsvoertuigen en de milieudiensten verlenende industrie. De onderneming richt zich op de ontwikkeling, productie, marketing en distributie van onderdelen welke gebruikt worden in hydraulische laad- en lossystemen op vrachtwagens en aanhangers. Zijn producten worden wereldwijd ingezet binnen een groot aantal sectoren waaronder transport, bouw, mijnbouw, materiaalverwerking en leveranciers van milieudiensten.

Hyva maakt ‘s werelds krachtigste front end hydraulische telescoopcilinder, vaste en rijdende vrachtwagenkranen, hefsystemen voor containers zoals haakladers en tipladers, mobiele en statische compactors en andere units voor afvalverzameling. Hyva’s portefeuille omvat: Hydraulica (cilinders en kipapparatuur), systemen voor het verwerken van containers (haak- en tipladers), vloeren (horizontale laad- en losvloeren) en kranen (vast en mobiel). Deze producten worden ontworpen en op de markt gebracht onder verschillende gerespecteerde merknamen: Hyva, Kennis, F.lli Ferrari en AmcoVeba. Hyva is ook distributeur van high-value componenten

De onderneming is opgericht in 1979 en het hoofdkantoor is gevestigd in Alphen aan den Rijn in Nederland. Belangrijke productiefaciliteiten zijn gevestigd in Brazilië, China, Duitsland, India, Italië en Nederland. Het bedrijf heeft wereldwijd in ruim 130 landen meer dan 1.600 medewerkers met 35 dochterondernemingen en 11 productiefaciliteiten. Hyva heeft ruim 25.000 klanten.

Korade levert en implementeert de iqbs Business Intelligence applicatie en geeft Hyva zo de mogelijkheid een State Of The Art Business Intelligence applicatie in te zetten voor een redelijke prijs.

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Power BI – Getting Started Guide

Microsoft released the Power BI – Getting Started Guide.
This guide gives a perfect overview of the capabilities of Power BI.

The site can be found here;  you can also download the pfd.

Microsoft Power BI for Office 365

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Power BI for Office 365. This includes:

  • Power Query, enabling customers to easily search and access public data and their organization’s data, all within Excel (formerly known as “Data Explorer“).
  • Power Map, a 3D data visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic and temporal data (formerly known as product codename “Geoflow“).
  • Power Pivot for creating and customizing flexible data models within Excel.
  • Power View for creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data.

We know that it’s not only essential for people to have the ability to easily identify new insights from their data, but also to collaborate and provide access to that data in a trusted environment. That’s why Power BI for Office 365 extends beyond your existing on premise systems to deliver value within an already trusted service, providing:

  • Power BI sites, dedicated collaborative BI workspaces in Office 365 for sharing data and insights with colleagues. The Power BI sites also keep customers’ data up to date with connectivity and data refresh back to their on premise data sources.
  • New natural language query capabilities that allow customers to ask questions and get answers. They simply type their question into a dialog box and the system interprets and automatically generates interactive charts and graphs based on available data.
  • Connected BI experience, dedicated native apps for Windows 8, Windows RT and iPad to stay connected with your reports and data wherever you are as well as HTML5 support for browser based viewing on any device.

Of course Power BI can be connected to iqbs BI. More news will follow soon!

To learn more about how Power BI for Office 365 can help you unlock the insights hidden in your data, check out these two blog posts: What powers Power BI for Office 365? and Introducing Power BI for Office 365. The preview can be downloaded here.

Office Mobile

Since this week, Office Mobile for iOS is available. From a BI perspective, this is a huge announcement, because Excel is now available on iPhone and iPad devices, making it possible to extend your iqbs BI environment on iOS devices as well.

Off course there is a catch: Office Mobile is for now only available in the US App Store and it requires an Office 365 account. But, for around € 100 to € 150 per user per year, having a fully integrated mobile BI environment is very affordable.

More on Office Mobile can be found here: