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About iqbs

An efficient and reliable service

iqbs delivers and implements Business Intelligence (BI) based on Microsoft platforms (SQL/SharePoint) with standard connections to Infor LN | Baan, SAP and more. Our approach is an important element of our success; the customer is central and receives our full commitment. We are 100% focused on demands arising from business and translate and apply these in(to) practical BI solutions. Our commitment to achieving agreed results makes us go to the limit. With our highly qualified professionals, we fully support the projects of our customers with one goal: providing an efficient and reliable service.

Microsoft BI Platform

Our main goal is to effortlessly obtain reliable and relevant management information. We unlock various source systems to a single data warehouse solution with clear, role-based dashboards. Why we chose Microsoft as a platform? Because the Microsoft BI Platform – and the knowledge thereof – is already present in many organizations. Not to mention, the security layers around all aspects of BI are also excellent. And finally, the required license investment is relatively limited.


iqbs is een groeiende organisatie en continu op zoek naar ervaren mensen die passen binnen ons team. Aarzel niet en stuur een (open) sollicitatie

Our partners

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The iqbs team

  • Jos Adegeest
    Jos Adegeest General Manager
  • Marcel Croonen
    Marcel Croonen Sales Director
  • René Berends
    René Berends Principal BI Consultant
  • Edwin Schouten
    Edwin Schouten BI Consultant
  • Jurjan Dijkstra
    Jurjan Dijkstra BI CONSULTANT
  • Koen Berkhout
    Koen Berkhout BI Consultant
  • Nico Ender
    Nico Ender BI Consultant
  • Hans van Veen
    Hans van Veen BI Consultant
  • Wesley Karman
    Wesley Karman BI Consultant
  • Roel Pollaert
    Roel Pollaert BI Consultant
  • Ruben Jonkers
    Ruben Jonkers BI Consultant
  • Wouter van der Kamp
    Wouter van der Kamp BI Consultant
  • Erik Schoemakers
    Erik Schoemakers BI Consultant
  • Marjan van Grootheest
    Marjan van Grootheest Office manager
  • Jos van Vucht
    Jos van Vucht BI CONSULTANT
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